Today I’m posting a fun Custom Tattoo I made on My client Joey. We Have Been putting Custom Tattoos on Him Since 2001. That’s right, I’ve been Tattooing Joey for 12 years. Boy how the time goes! Any how, the Portait is of his Wife. It was done as a Color Portait vs. your Classic Black and Grey Portait Tattoo. This design is part of a Sleeve that we are Tattooing on him at my Shop Remington Tattoo in North Park. Joey’s Sleeve contains other Awesome elements such as Roses and Falcon that covers the rest of his arm. This Tattoo is also part of Cover Up of some Lettering that he had Tattooed on him a few years before I started to work with him. I really Enjoy doing Color Tattoos, but normally I do Portraits in Black and Grey. This type of tattoo takes a lot more care and attention than how I would normally work a portrait. Stay tuned for updates as there’s one more Session to complete in out small San Diego Shop.