San Diego CustomTattoo Artist Terry Ribera makes an Art Nouveau Girl with Peacock Feather and Roses.

This Drawing was made a few weeks ago for a client who no showed on their appointment.  It always frustrates me to hold an appointment for a year for nothing especially on what would have been an Amazing and Fun Tattoo to do.  Regardless it is always cool to draw a composition like this.  I... Read More

SD-Too Art show, Paintings by San Diego’s Greatest Tattoo artist!

August is going to be great month for the San Diego Tattoo Art scene.  SD-Too is promoting an exhibit of work at the Voz Alta Gallery in Barrio Logan.  The show will open August 10th 2013 and will be featuring the art of many of San Diego’s Best Tattoo artist.  Terry Ribera and Nathaniel Gann... Read More

Custom Portait Tattoo San Diego’s Best Color Artist Terry Ribera

  Today I’m posting a fun Custom Tattoo I made on My client Joey. We Have Been putting Custom Tattoos on Him Since 2001. That’s right, I’ve been Tattooing Joey for 12 years. Boy how the time goes! Any how, the Portait is of his Wife. It was done as a Color Portait vs. your... Read More

San Diego Tattoo Artist – Terry Ribera – Full Back Dragon Tattoo Suit

This suit is a dragon tattoo Tattoo Artist Terry Ribera sketched and Tattooed for a local Tattoo Artist Romeo Lacoste. The project took around 35-40 hours and was Tattooed using rotary tattoo machines mostly swash drive whips and a couple neotats, and bishops.

San Diego Tattoo Artist – Terry Ribera with Sugar Skull Lantern Tattoo

Check out one of San Diego’s best Tattoo Artists, Terry Ribera with this new Sugar and Skull sleeve. Owner of Remington Tattoo in Northpark, San Diego, CA Terry has been tattooing since 2001 and his love for Tattooing is shown in his work. Stop by Remington Tattoo today for your free tattoo consultation.

Top San Diego Tattoo Artists – Terry Ribera – Custom Greek Girl Tattoo

Check out this new Custom Greek Girl tattooed by one of the Top San Diego Tattoo Artists, Terry Ribera at Remington Tattoo in Northpark, San Diego, CA

San Diego Tattoo Artist – Terry Ribera – Custom Warrior Tattoo

This is a new custom tattoo done by San Diego Tattoo Artist Terry Ribera. Terry is the owner of Remington Tattoo in Northpark San Diego, CA. You can schedule a consult with Terry by calling the show at any time or emailing him at [email protected]

San Diego Tattoo Artists – Aztec Tattoo by Terry Ribera

San Diego Tattoo Artists – Terry Ribera – Aztec Tattoo Check out this custom Aztec Tattoo by San Diego Tattoo Artists Terry Ribera at Remington Tattoo in Northpark San Diego, CA. Terry Ribera is the lead Tattoo Artist in the San Diego Tattoo Shop Remington Tattoo. Terry is booking appointments now. See Remington Tattoo’s website... Read More

Japanese Dragon Tattoo by Terry Ribera at San Diego’s best Remington Tattoo

This tattoo has been a huge honor for Terry to tattoo his long time Friend Dan Pryor a local San Diego tattoo artist at Seven Seas tattoo.  Terry Ribera originally started the tattoo while working at Avalon Tattoo II, but has since completed nearly half the work while at his new shop in North Park.... Read More

Terry Ribera tattoos Odin at San Diego’s best tattoo shop Remington Tattoo

Ian flew down from Canada to San Diego to get tattooed by Terry Ribera at Remington tattoo last week.  He sat for 2 days in a row to have his sleeve outlined and colored and this is the result of two hard days of work.  Terry Ribera and Ian will be finishing up the tattoo... Read More
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