Terry Ribera and St. Michael at San Diego’s best tattoo shop Remington Tattoo

Terry Ribera had a chance to wrap up this tattoo late one night about 3 weeks ago at San Diego’s Remington Tattoo.  Mike and Terry have been picking away at this tattoo for a few months a long with other projects Mike had.  This is the result of patience and a little bit of blood... Read More

Buddha tattoo done by Terry Ribera at San Diego’s best tattoo shop Remington Tattoo

This was another really cool tattoo done by Terry Ribera at San Diego’s best little tattoo shop, Remington Tattoo.  Remington Tattoo is a custom based tattoo Shop owned by Terry Ribera.  This tattoo was one of the first tattoos started and completed at the new shop.  Terry Ribera has been tattooing here in San Diego... Read More

Day of the Dead Tattoo at San Diego’s Remington Tattoo by Terry Ribera

  Here’s a fun tattoo done by Terry Ribera at Remington tattoo in San Diego. We had the best time tattooing this theme on Lana. She’s a long time client and collector of tattoos. Being so close to Mexico, San Diego is known for the common day of the dead theme. Terry Ribera had a... Read More

Buddha sleeve in progress.

This is a cover up tattoo I am working on.  The theme is a buddha sleeve, this photo shows the upper part of the clients arm.  There is a cover up in progress.

Thank you Karen.

Karen flew out from Chicago to get tattooed today.  We spent about three hours lining and shading this portion of her custom tattoo.  We will be adding color over two sessions in July to finish this tattoo up.  The tattoo is based on Lakshmi, a hindu Godess.  Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity... Read More

Biomechanical Skull Cover up.

This tattoo was a huge undertaking, we covered up a pretty botched tattoo of a women and a lotus that spanned the entire side of Tod’s ribs  Luckily Tod wanted a subject that is ideal for cover ups, a skull and some biomechanical tattooing.  Certainly I love drawing this type of stuff, but a cover... Read More

Memoir Tattoo.

We finally finished this cool bio-organic flower, fractal tattoo on Mike. He was a pleasure to work with and maybe some day I will get a chance to do some more work on him 😉  This is Mikes first and only tattoo, you might know him from the VH1 reality show Rock n’ Roll Fantasy... Read More

More Easter tattoo fun!!!

After finishing up with Jeff’s Little Red Ridding hood tattoo for the day it was a quick lunch and time to start cracking the whip again.  I got a chance to do another one of my favorite tattoo subjects on Kathy.  She’s a local San Diego collector.  We took about 2 hours to line out... Read More

Little Red Ridding Hood Tattoo

Hello again San Diego tattoo Peoples!  Here’s a fun way to spend Easter, getting tattooed for the second day in a row.  I did this custom tattoo of the old classic Little Red Ridding Hood on Jeff.  Jeff drove down from LA to get tattooed the Last couple of days and this is the progress... Read More

Nick Hardwick Tattoo

I did this biomechanical tattoo sleeve a couple years back.  I was strolling through images on the internet and look what I came across. This really fun tattoo on Nick Hardwick.  He plays as the center for the San Diego Chargers.  Now I have to admit I don’t watch football, but I did have a... Read More
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