If you didn’t have a chance to Visit San Diego’s best little tattoo parlor Remington Tattoo on the 8th you sadly missed out.  There where new paintings to be seen at the show plus prints.   Today in this blog posting we will be sharing with you a glimpse of some of the new art on display.  Terry Painted this classic Japanese tattoo concept of a Hanya and a snake with peony flowers.  The technique involved to make the painting is a russian dry brush technique using oil paints and sewing machine oil on cold press water color paper.  The Results mimic charcoal drawing, but the art is made with traditional oil paints.  A small amount of paint is added to bristle brushes and lightly wiped off onto a rag and then applied in a scrubbing technique.  The paper is treated with sewing machine oil to help with the blending and lifting of the paint.  Details are added in with a kneaded eraser and eraser style pencil.  darker areas, and crisp edges are placed in with softer camel hair brushes mixing the paint with the sewing machine oil for those darker areas only.